Aircraft Tooling, Inc. was established in 1967 by Charles Ferguson initially as a tool and design center serving the needs of the aircraft industry. This was after many years of experience gained with Braniff Airlines as a machinist and tool designer.

Originally, a component-only repair station, over the years we grew to support and become very knowledgeable of the overhaul of complete landing gear assembly and accessories. These included BAC1-11 (all series) MD-80/DC-9, HS125. Just as the market changed to allow use to perform such services for our valued customers; it has changed again, allowing us to apply our skills/talents and repair schemes to engine mount assemblies, while still pursuing out first passion, repair of landing gear components.

ATI became a FAA approved repair station in 1970 with the development of hard chrome plating and plasma spray repairs for aircraft landing gear, airframe and engine components. The company was involved with a plasma spray coating that flew on the first space shuttle. Our company today is bearing the fruits of unparalleled quality, responsive turn times, and great customer service because of the seeds that were planted years ago.

ATI has continued to evolve through perfecting existing technologies and developing our own when existing tech proved to be inadequate. The company has continued to maintain exacting standards of quality and workmanship and has become highly regarded throughout the aviation industry.

Since the introduction of plasma metal deposition in the late sixties and its subsequent acceptance by the aircraft industry, outdated repair methods of resleeving, chrome plating and bushing of critical dimensions have become almost obsolete. Indeed, new component manufacturers often allow for subsequent restoration by plasma spraying and machining.

ATI has developed numerous repair schemes with the aircraft and component manufacturers to enable reclamation and repair of components which would otherwise have been scrapped.

The design of specific in-house tooling is one of our main areas of expertise. The ability has given our customers considerable savings on the cost of purchasing new components (often with delays of several months for manufacturers to supply).

The main objective of our repair schemes is to restore high-cost parts to new standard dimensions and release for further declared life. Our engineering specialists will be pleased to discuss your requirements, with the aim of performing repairs in a timely manner, thereby avoiding expensive rejection costs and delays in the procurement of new components.

ATI enjoys a worldwide customer base and has demonstrated the ability to reduce the airlines’ cost of ownership by being a repair partner. Our dedication to quality control is uncompromising and our original goal is to contribute as a valued repair facility in the growth of your aircraft enterprise. Allow us to put our 50 plus yeas of experience to work for you.